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Pool Players

Pool Players 

In the Developmental Division, no pool players are allowed. In the Minors Division and higher, pool players can be used. Players wishing to play in extra games shall notify the Player Agent of their intent to be a pool player. The Player Agent shall keep lists of eligible pool players. When a manager requests a pool player, the Player Agent will select from the available list of pool players on a rotational basis. 

Managers can request a pool player in the following circumstances: 

  • If they will only have 9 regular players, with the pool player bringing the game roster to a total of 10 players. 

  • If they will only have 8 regular players, they can request one or two pool players (at the manager’s discretion), bringing their game roster to either 9 or 10. 

  • If they will only have 7 regular players, they can request two pool players, bringing their game roster to 9. 

  • Under no circumstances can a manager request more than two pool players. Therefore, if a manager can only field 6 regular players, the game cannot be played. 

  • Managers can only request pool players from the Player Agent. They cannot get their own pool players, nor can they borrow pool players from the team they are playing. If Managers violate this rule, they are subject to discipline by the Board.

Use of pool players is governed by the following rules: 

  • Pool players can only be drawn from the same division. 

  • Pool players are assigned to a game by the Player Agent. The Manager has no choice in the pick of pool player and MUST accept the player assigned. If a Manager requests a pool player  and refuses the player assigned by the Player Agent, they are subject to discipline by the  Board. 

  • On defense, pool players are only allowed to play outfield positions. They cannot play any infield position, nor can they play pitcher or catcher. 

  • On offense, they must be placed last in the batting order. 

  • If the game roster is only 9 players (including the pool player), the pool player will play the  entire game.

If your child is interested in being a pool player, please fill out the form below. 
Please leave an email address that you check frequently. 

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